Customer Benefits of Talapoin All-in-One Platform

Talapoin aims to significantly reduce time-to-market, development complexity, costs and risks for customers developing new Edge AI HW and SW products and features.

Talapoin can help you identify and/or develop a high-value Edge AI HW+SW use cases in your verticals, and provide:

  • Edge AI HW+SW development kits and expertise
  • PoC, prototype, MVP development services

Target Verticals & Use Cases


  • Talapoin All-in-One Platform is not focused on any vertical — it provides a core infrastructure
  • Talapoin InnoVentures develops products with innovation partners for high-value global verticals and use cases, using complex selection algorithm with qualitative
    and quantitative methods & tools
  • Initial target verticals include Oil & Gas, Intelligent Buildings, Healthcare, Sports, Agriculture, Security, Retail, Manufacturing


  • Rapid prototyping and product development of use cases using Edge AI HW+SW which have not been feasible with AI cloud solutions
  • Focus on new edge data collection & processing using IoT, environment sensors, HW neural networks and more
  • Focus on use cases and partners where Talapoin Platform and modular HW+SW brings high ROI and meets sustainability criteria

Products and Services

Talapoin develops a comprehensive and universal development infrastructure for hardware and software in one ecosystem to allow significantly decrease research & development time for prototypes, proof of concepts, use cases or new products and services. Part of the ecosystem is the easy use of artificial intelligence (AI) services as a modular solution using hardware neural networks, AI knowledge databases including pattern recognition and deep learning on the Edge.

Talapoin technology consists of inhouse R&D, own dedicated TalOS operating system, programming language Tal, development environment, development kits as well as set of different devices, like IoT, vision and audio, different sensors and more. Talapoin strategy includes registration and protection of intellectual property and patent protection.


Development Kits
– Quick Jump
– DeviceReady
– AI Launcher


EndUser Boards


Tal language


AI as a Service
Knowledge Base
Libraries & drivers

Talapoin Platform History

Jozef Dubovec passion project: development of an autonomous humanoid robot (since university).

Since 2018
Development of Talapoin Edge AI HW+SW All-in-One Platform.

Our Team

Jozef Dubovec

Founder & CTO Talapoin

Rastislav Brenčič

Co-investor & CEO Talapoin

Tibor Marko

Team Lead & SW & HW Developer

Michal Vician

SW & HW Engineer

Martin Hyben

Researcher & Programmer

Ing. Martin Bugár

Electronic Engineer

Vladimír Oravec

SW & HW Developer

Juraj Slačka

Technical Advisor

Peter Sinčák

Technical Advisor

Andrej Dubrovčák

Project Manager

Viliam Bendík

Chief Marketing Officer

František Duchoň

Technical Advisor

About Us

Talapoin is an All-in-One Platform for sharing and monetisation of Edge AI solutions for any vertical & use case. It significantly reduces time-to-market, development complexity, costs & risks for B2B customers developing new Edge AI features & products. The platform will allow independent developers to develop and monetise modules and solutions working on the Talapoin Platform.

  • AI-as-a-Service HW+SW platform with strong network effects, growth potential
    and a high-margin B2B business model
  • Comprehensive development infrastructure for HW & SW in one welltuned ecosystem
  • AI modular solution using HW neural networks + AI knowledge databases include pattern recognition
    and deep learning on the Edge
  • Innovation services, team, processes & tools will speed up specific use case/product development for Talapoin B2B customers
  • Full product development cycle
  • Portfolio of successful use cases will drive Talapoin Platform demand (companies using Edge AI HW+SW) and supply (developers supplying Edge AI modules)



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