+ About Us

    Talapoin co. is on mission to provide comprehensive and universal development infrastructure for hardware and software in one ecosystem to allow significantly decrease research & development time for prototypes, proof of concepts, use cases or new products and services. Part of the ecosystem is the easy use of artificial intelligence (AI) services to the public by the modular solution using hardware neural networks, AI knowledge databases include pattern recognition and deep learning on the EDGE.
    Talapoin company, based in Central Europe (Slovakia), connects highly motivated enthusiastic team with excellent knowledge and experience in software and hardware development.

    Talapoin technology consists of:
  • inhouse R&D
  • its own dedicated TalOS operating system
  • programming language Tal
  • development environment
  • development kits
  • IoT, vision and audio devices, different sensors and more
  • Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) for easy to use of AI benefits to IT community and public
  • Use of EDGE technology and neural network in real-time applications w/o internet network connection need
  • It can be used in customer’s data centers or any IoT ready devices, no cloud needed
  • There is a AI hardware ready recognize patterns even without programing
  • One ecosystem enables significant decrease in R&D time for proof of concepts, use cases, new products and services
  • Fast, easy and cost-effective development of proof of concepts to enable fast go-to-market response time
  • Worldwide sharing and monetizing of AI knowledge databases, functionalities and specialized HW modules viaTalapoin Store
  • Simple and fast ability to apply existing use cases to/from other industries
  • Low-power, modular and scalable hardware and software infrastructure
  • Hardware development and production of 3 baselines of developer boards: Quick jump, Device ready and AI Launcher
  • Universal TalOS Operating system targeting ARM family processors
  • Dedicated programming language Tal enable us to combine with C, C++, C#, Pascal, Phyton, PHP, Java, JVS and more…
  • Own development environment with the ability to develop new own AI features, functionalities and modules
  • Development and production of 50+ HW modules with integrated functionality (sensors, video, audio, IOT interfaces,…)
  • Talapoin Store used to store “knowledge”, features, system extensions, as an interface to expand the knowledge base,and provide “AI as a Service” services and further develop Talapoin technology in the research and commercial space
  • Development of next generation hybrid AI Chip with unique architecture
  • Development of autonomous humanoid robot DIBO+
    Development boards / modules:
  • Customer boards
  • Development boards
  • Mini modules
  • Nano modules
  • Pico modules

  • Talapoin HW consists of different boards and modules which can work together on their own depending on their intended use. Togehter, however, they create strong, extremely flexible and extensible system capable of performing from single to multiple functions. The modules can be combined and stacked as well as are able to exchange information and share their resources in order to increase not just computing power but also extend their AI capabilities. The hardware can be used not just in development process, but also as end customer device using plug and play technologies.
  • Development kits
  • HW modules
  • Software licencses

+ Development Boards

Pico Board:  AI Launcher
Enabling immediate AI application development:
  • Programing mini-module
  • Programing up to 8 Nano-modules
Integrated functions:
  • Sensors: accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer pressure and temperature
  • 360° digital microphones
  • Stereo visions possibilities
  • Programable GPIOS
  • IOT communication interface: WIFI, Bluetooth, USB, GPS plus optional RF
  • 3*SDHC for storage
  • Neuromorphic NM bus ready
Enabling immediate AI application development:
  • Easy programable languages support (C++, Python, Java, Scratch & Pascal)
  • Easy data transferring (UART, USB, SPI, CAN, IIC & IIS & more)
Very user friendly GUI interface:
  • Real time OS support
  • Lego-like architecture for multiple modules interconnected
Compatible with existing boards:
  • Arduino, Raspberry pi, Artic, Arty and others
Development board for mini modules
  • Interfacing easily with many available devices (Arduino, Raspberry pi, Artic, Arty and others)
  • Could received up to 4 Nano modules and 2 Mini modules
  • With Judgement system 
  • Customable GPIOS
  • USB 
  • High resolution LCD with touch control
  • Easy control thru integrated GUI
  • Direct programming possibilities

Coming soon.

Application example: Quality control (PICO BOARD example)
1. Only those 3 modules will be needed:

  • One Camera module using interfaces CSI or Parallel interfaces
  • NM5003 module: 3 NM500 chips on board total of 1728 neurons
  • Communication module (WIFI, Bluetooth, others)
2. All modules mounted on each other like a “Lego bricks”
3. Each module have the size of 40*25 mm
4. Total calculated power requirement of maximum 300 mw

+ Project / DIBOT

I can recognize voice, gestures, face and YOU. Check me at different locations.

+ Our Team

Jozef Dubovec

CTO & Founder

Rastislav Brenčič

CEO & Partner

Tomaš Peťovský


Viliam Bendik

Chief Marketing Officer

Daniel Marek

Business Advisor

Tibor Marko

SW & HW Developer

Michal Vician

SW & HW Engineer

Martin Hyben

Researcher & Programmer

Ing. Martin Bugár

Electronic Engineer

Andrej Dubrovčák

Project Manager

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Phone: +421 948 996 881
E-mail: hello@talapoin.ai

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